Friday, 14 June 2013

mike sonko pledges to support the kenya 7's

Mike Sonko ... the nairobi senator has stated that.

I pledge 2 Million if our 7's clinch the world cup, 1Million if they reach finals and 500,000 if they reach semis.


go #TeamKenya

Is it true that some people in africa do not want to be X-tremely rich?

fly afric investors

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Today i was discussing the essence of riches and poverty in the society and the funniest point he mentioned was that Africans are afraid of being rich because riches are a fundamental reason for the all the evil in the society.

I think whoever said money is the root of all evil was wrong because quite frankly i think the lack of money is the root of all evil, think of this if a person had a job do u think he would end up risking his life mugging people. For the world to be a better place especially in Africa is that we should strive to have a positive attitude towards wealth creation and money matters.

We are by far the wealthiest planet on earth, we should strive to pull our resources to grow stronger and not use the resources that we have to fight one another and grow weaker. we should also change the perception of riches because 'we make riches ... its not that riches makes us.'

Feel free to drop a comment. be it the way forward for Africa or the what we should do, i would really appreciate it. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

 'AFRICA' the new way foward

'“The river makes detours because no one has showed it the way.” this is a saying adapted from a native African language this can be directly related to what we as the young people should do for our continent Africa. the fact that Africa is the richest but the one of the poorest continent on the face of the planet hurts.

Living in Africa is a very great experience because as opposed to other continents Africa’s weather conditions are good for both production and general well being in improvement of livelihood.

As the young citizens of the world and the continent Africa to be specific we should put a step forward and start investing for the well being of our communities, we can start with the little that we have and learn as we grow with them to greater heights. 

This message is for any African youth or citizen ready to steer our continent.


Thursday, 21 June 2012

fly afric investments is all about investing in our continent africa. i would like you to share your views from wherever you are on how we can transform our magical continent through investments.